Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slackerifically LATE

Hi Everyone!

So It's been months since my last post and I have no excuse other than I was being a slacker. I didn't get really busy right before the wedding but after the wedding things have been great and I have no excuse as to why I didn't sit down and blog a bit.

A few updates for all my loyal readers (all 2 or 3 of you!)...

My dad has lost 90lbs since his gastric bypass surgery in March. He is sticking to his diet and has more energy. My parents and brother went on a cruise last month and my dad was able to enjoy more events and I am thrilled the surgery has helped him.

My wedding was a success. Everyone keeps telling me they had a blast and that it was put together well. Boy was I relieved that everything feel into place. Every bride hopes for the best but I am so thankful it all went well. It did rain on my wedding day, but honestly that didn't even bother me because I really enjoyed my day and I cried lots of joyful tears.

My Honeymoon wasn't as successful. Was it romantic? Yes. Was it beautiful? Yes. Was the hotel/resort great? Heck NO! It's a new hotel and I have learned my lesson with going to a new hotel....Never GO to a NEW Hotel. This place was months old and the management and service of the place was a mess. I won't bore you with every single detail but I'll point out some low-lights b/c highlights were rare.
  1. The AC in our 1st room blew warm air. We complained and were told that's just the way Dominican AC is.
  2. After several maintenance men examined our heater-AC, our butler switched us to a cooler room that blew 70/75 degree semi-cool air. I guess this was an improvement seeing as the swamp ass room we were in before was a slimy & humid 80 degrees (with AC).
  3. Certain parts of the hotel smelled like rotten mold.
  4. I ask for room service and it never came. When I called them, they said they brought our food to a different room and we didn't answer. (Well no sh*t!)
  5. The served the same food everyday. Never anything new and every restaurant is outside so you have the privilege of dining with hungry flies while you sweat your butt off.
  6. Most of the people at the hotel were newlyweds but that didn't stop the waiters/servers/janitors/bartenders...etc from snapping his neck to check out every female in front of their new husband. Needless to say Nathaniel looked like he was gonna blow a gasket a few times.

The highlight from the hotels occurred when we were off the resort. We went zip lining and had a blast as we zipped from high poles through a jungle in the middle of mountains. This guy on the tour with us said to us: "Oh you're from New Jersey...Everyone there says JOIZEE." We said, no not really, that's just a myth. He then told us we must not really be from the part he's talking about. Hmmm ok?

We also went on speed boats, cave diving and on dune buggies. It was a blast and we had so much fun being adventurous. The hotel had it's glitches but being at my hubbies side made everything great.

My job as a Nanny is Great! I really love the twins I care for and the family I work for is just amazing. They are down to earth, good hearted people that really appreciate my work. I try my best everyday to make sure the children are having the most peaceful and loving environment and the parents take notice. The children have been developing so nicely and I am proud to be a part of their advancement. I am blessed to have such a wonderful job.


I vowed to write more in this blog and I will def keep it b/c I really enjoy it and it helps to reflect.

Until my next post...take it easy!