Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Dad...

So my dad had a BIG surgery on Thursday and he is currently still in the Hospital recovering. His surgery went well but he is a lil congested now and the doctors are worried he may develop an infection. I pray it all goes well and he can go home soon in Tip Top shape. I have been nerve wrecked with worry over my dad's health. You see, I am a Daddy's girl and I have a very strong bond with him. It's ironic that as you get older, you worry about your parents as if they were your children. The roles reverse and totally freak you out! I guess it's payback for all the stupid stuff we as children get in to and say!
I remember being a lil girl (around 5 or 6 years old) with my dad in the crowded busy Brooklyn supermarket. We passed the gormet cheese isle and I said "Daddy-it smells like your FEET!" He was embarrassed; he turned beet red! He He... Yea I was a bold lil kid!

I love my dad even though he blames all his gray hair on me! Lol!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Do...

So Unlike the cartoon above (which I believe is Patrick from Spongebob's To Do list) I start off each day with a ton of things to do. Most of the things that need to be done are either mundane tasks like calling a utility company or wedding related tasks.

Each day I have the following item on my TO DO:
I have been applying and applying and while I am looking for jobs all over the place; I haven't found one yet. I am aware we are in a deep recession and I keep praying that I will overcome the hurdles and find something but I get frustrated with all the job hunts I've done with no offers yet. I read all the articles of DO's and DON'Ts in this job market. I have created a new resume and wrote countless application essays, but nothing yet.

I am starting to wonder...
When I meet people, I can gauge if they like me and I feel like they do. I have to guess that there are so many candidates out there right now that I get lost in the shuffle. I have been tutoring and babysitting for money here and there but I need a 40 hour a week J-O-B!
I need a start time and end time and I need it ASAP. Thankfully, my fiance has been supportive and enthusiastic with my job search. He tells me that he knows I am trying to find something and he has faith that I will land something. Thank GOD I have him and my family as cheerleaders!

With out them, I think I'd go CRAZY and look like this bird:

Speaking of crazy...Yesterday, my mom and I were working on my wedding invites and my dad noticed that the printing company wrote:

Mrs. and Mrs. in front of my parents name. Now, you see the problem there is my parents are not a lesbian couple. If they were Gay, I'd love them the same-but they are a hetero couple married for over 27 years! When my dad caught the ERROR, I FLIPPED OUT!

I have yet to be a BrideZilla but when I saw that 150 invites were ruined I wanted to see the printing lady and give her a few CHOICE words! I was so incredibly angry, yet thankful that I hadn't mailed out my invites yet.

I cooled down, slept on it and I called the Printer today and he apologized for the error and stated he would buy 150 new stock invites and re-print them.

I am back to being a HAPPY BRIDE!
I just pray it stays that way! I don't want to stress over 1 day!

I just pray it stays that way! I don't want to stress over my wedding day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness is great!

I love the month of March! I love it for many reasons but mainly because it's the my Birthday month and Spring Starts!

My Birthday was last Friday, the 13th.

People are scared of Friday the 13th. But I love it! For me, it's good luck. I asked my fiance to make me birthday simple and not go crazy b/c I really don't want him to spend a lot. He told me to be ready by 7pm b/c he was taking me to a surprise location. I was so excited all day long. He came home early that day and gave me gifts early. He got me some pretty Vicky items and a cool coffee mug that featured my favorite funny lil characters: Hoops & Yoyo.
I loved his gifts! So thoughtful and sweet. At 7pm..I was all dressed up and he took me to an Italian Restaurant nearby. The food was amazing and the ambiance was intimate which made for a perfect evening planned by my hunny.

On Saturday, I went to visit family in Brooklyn. My aunt was getting the family together because my Dad is having a BIG surgery soon and she held a Prayer for him. After the Pastor blessed my family with a prayer, my family presented me with a yummy chocolate cake and I was very happy. They are so thoughtful and loving. I am so thankful and grateful for their love and positivity.

Besides my family cutting a cake for me, my soon to be In-Laws whom I adore, took me to dinner last night and also cut me a chocolate cake. I have heard of so many stories of new brides hating their In-laws but I honestly love mine. I admit, at first my future sister in law were distant, however things have become much better and I feel a better bond between us. My future Mom in law is the best. We have a wonderful relationship and I call her my 2nd Mom. I feel very comfortable talking to her because she is loving and kind.

Overall with all of my birthday celebrations and my lovely family around me for my Birthday...I felt like Royalty!

As I was looking for a birthday picture, I bumped in to the following pic and I loved it! Haha...

Since my last few Blogs, I have joined and I like it. I linked it to facebook and now I can post something on Twitter and it automatically gets posted on facebook. The simplicity behind Twitter is genius. It simple asks you what you are doing and you state it. You get to see what everyone is doing while making new friends.

On another note, I have a trainer now and I have been sticking to his routine. I pray it pays off and I look stunning for my wedding. My only goal is to make my Fiance get misty eyed as I walk down the aisle. I really would love it if he thinks I look absolutely beautiful!

So I'm off...Have a Great Evening!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updates Galore!

Wow...well it's been a while since I wrote a real blog. So here's a NEW REAL bloggerific blog...

Job Quest:
I am still looking for a job. I've applied to many different education and early childhood related careers and I hope I land something soon! Wish me luck!

My dad just turned 47 and I had a little surprise dinner for him at my home. I invited my family from Brooklyn and my Dad had a nice time! It was the last full meal he could have before his Gastric Bypass surgery coming up this Monday. He has been on a liquid diet since Monday and while he is struggling with it, he is definitely sticking with it. I am praying that all goes well and his surgery has no complications.

Nat and finished our invite list and it was so hard but I am so happy it's over with. When inviting people you have to examine relationships and it's pretty difficult to do that with friends and family! Tomorrow will be 3 months before my wedding and I am slowly starting to panick! YIKES!

So I hired a trainer because getting fit is a hard thing to do just using a book as a guide. I needed face to face interaction and I have that now! My trainer is local and has been a trainer for almost 20 some what years and I like him. He's not mean, but he is serious and I like his style. I am so sore today from yesterday's workout. I am limping around the house and I pray that tomorrow I won't be so sore!

Those are most of the current updates...

Until next time....Have a nice night!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's been a minute...

This entry will be short. I in the midst of getting my home ready for a Surprise Birthday Celebration for my dad. He is turning 47 on Tuesday and I am making him a nice little Puerto Rican Dinner and baking him a cake. I cannot wait for him to see the surprise!

Anyway, when I tune back in I'll update the blog on my Job Quest, family (health) life, wedding plans thus far and my Bday coming this week!

Toodles....Take care and have a great day!