Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Do...

So Unlike the cartoon above (which I believe is Patrick from Spongebob's To Do list) I start off each day with a ton of things to do. Most of the things that need to be done are either mundane tasks like calling a utility company or wedding related tasks.

Each day I have the following item on my TO DO:
I have been applying and applying and while I am looking for jobs all over the place; I haven't found one yet. I am aware we are in a deep recession and I keep praying that I will overcome the hurdles and find something but I get frustrated with all the job hunts I've done with no offers yet. I read all the articles of DO's and DON'Ts in this job market. I have created a new resume and wrote countless application essays, but nothing yet.

I am starting to wonder...
When I meet people, I can gauge if they like me and I feel like they do. I have to guess that there are so many candidates out there right now that I get lost in the shuffle. I have been tutoring and babysitting for money here and there but I need a 40 hour a week J-O-B!
I need a start time and end time and I need it ASAP. Thankfully, my fiance has been supportive and enthusiastic with my job search. He tells me that he knows I am trying to find something and he has faith that I will land something. Thank GOD I have him and my family as cheerleaders!

With out them, I think I'd go CRAZY and look like this bird:

Speaking of crazy...Yesterday, my mom and I were working on my wedding invites and my dad noticed that the printing company wrote:

Mrs. and Mrs. in front of my parents name. Now, you see the problem there is my parents are not a lesbian couple. If they were Gay, I'd love them the same-but they are a hetero couple married for over 27 years! When my dad caught the ERROR, I FLIPPED OUT!

I have yet to be a BrideZilla but when I saw that 150 invites were ruined I wanted to see the printing lady and give her a few CHOICE words! I was so incredibly angry, yet thankful that I hadn't mailed out my invites yet.

I cooled down, slept on it and I called the Printer today and he apologized for the error and stated he would buy 150 new stock invites and re-print them.

I am back to being a HAPPY BRIDE!
I just pray it stays that way! I don't want to stress over 1 day!

I just pray it stays that way! I don't want to stress over my wedding day.

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