Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Dad...

So my dad had a BIG surgery on Thursday and he is currently still in the Hospital recovering. His surgery went well but he is a lil congested now and the doctors are worried he may develop an infection. I pray it all goes well and he can go home soon in Tip Top shape. I have been nerve wrecked with worry over my dad's health. You see, I am a Daddy's girl and I have a very strong bond with him. It's ironic that as you get older, you worry about your parents as if they were your children. The roles reverse and totally freak you out! I guess it's payback for all the stupid stuff we as children get in to and say!
I remember being a lil girl (around 5 or 6 years old) with my dad in the crowded busy Brooklyn supermarket. We passed the gormet cheese isle and I said "Daddy-it smells like your FEET!" He was embarrassed; he turned beet red! He He... Yea I was a bold lil kid!

I love my dad even though he blames all his gray hair on me! Lol!

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