Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness is great!

I love the month of March! I love it for many reasons but mainly because it's the my Birthday month and Spring Starts!

My Birthday was last Friday, the 13th.

People are scared of Friday the 13th. But I love it! For me, it's good luck. I asked my fiance to make me birthday simple and not go crazy b/c I really don't want him to spend a lot. He told me to be ready by 7pm b/c he was taking me to a surprise location. I was so excited all day long. He came home early that day and gave me gifts early. He got me some pretty Vicky items and a cool coffee mug that featured my favorite funny lil characters: Hoops & Yoyo.
I loved his gifts! So thoughtful and sweet. At 7pm..I was all dressed up and he took me to an Italian Restaurant nearby. The food was amazing and the ambiance was intimate which made for a perfect evening planned by my hunny.

On Saturday, I went to visit family in Brooklyn. My aunt was getting the family together because my Dad is having a BIG surgery soon and she held a Prayer for him. After the Pastor blessed my family with a prayer, my family presented me with a yummy chocolate cake and I was very happy. They are so thoughtful and loving. I am so thankful and grateful for their love and positivity.

Besides my family cutting a cake for me, my soon to be In-Laws whom I adore, took me to dinner last night and also cut me a chocolate cake. I have heard of so many stories of new brides hating their In-laws but I honestly love mine. I admit, at first my future sister in law were distant, however things have become much better and I feel a better bond between us. My future Mom in law is the best. We have a wonderful relationship and I call her my 2nd Mom. I feel very comfortable talking to her because she is loving and kind.

Overall with all of my birthday celebrations and my lovely family around me for my Birthday...I felt like Royalty!

As I was looking for a birthday picture, I bumped in to the following pic and I loved it! Haha...

Since my last few Blogs, I have joined and I like it. I linked it to facebook and now I can post something on Twitter and it automatically gets posted on facebook. The simplicity behind Twitter is genius. It simple asks you what you are doing and you state it. You get to see what everyone is doing while making new friends.

On another note, I have a trainer now and I have been sticking to his routine. I pray it pays off and I look stunning for my wedding. My only goal is to make my Fiance get misty eyed as I walk down the aisle. I really would love it if he thinks I look absolutely beautiful!

So I'm off...Have a Great Evening!

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