Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I begin my writing class tomorrow and I am very excited. I don't have much more to write other than that to be honest. I pray my work in the class pays off and I learn more and sharpen my current skills.

Wish me luck!



"The Daily Writer" topic today is: Dreams within dreams. Since I don't have time to write a story about hidden dreams, I will just chatter about what comes to my mind when I think of dreams.


As a Pisces woman, I am a natural dreamer. I have very vivid dreams and some seem so incredibly real I cannot shake them. I frequently daydream and when in a deep daydream, I get lost in thought and have many inner monologue chats with myself reflecting about the dream.

Usually, after waking from a crazy yet incredible dream that I eventually rehash all day long, I tell myself, "I must write down all dreams in a journal!" I envision the cool new journal I'll get and fill with amazing dreams in which I go back to every few months and discover a pattern or some alluring trend which reveals something deep about my soul. However, after making that 2 second commitment to myself, I forget all about it and go back to my mundane habit of checking my texts or Facebook for new notifications. And so with one single beep from my iPhone or tiny red box pop up, my goal to go soul searching within my dreams for self discovery or a life changing idea has gone "Poof."

Well I'll probably never get the shiny baby blue journal and write down each divine detail that I felt and saw in my dreams because besides being a dreamer, I am also a realist. Yea, I know it's hard to be both because I can dream a magical, wonderful, surreal dream then I realize that it was all BS and there is no way on earth that dream will come true (ya know, the dream where you can fly, or for me it's when I can become a vampire) and I need to just wake up from the silliness.

The Reality is I'll have a super mind blowing dream, then get startled by my blaring alarm clock in which I smack down to activate the lovely tease, I mean snooze button. I oversleep; realize that I must rush to work now and pray that I'll have time to induce some java before I arrive. By the time I dash in to work, coffee in hand, my dream is either a blink of the past or a future deja vu, but I doubt that life altering dream will ever lay on several pages of a cherished journal.

I still love to have those amazing dreams and the daydreams. It makes the time fly by and can completely morph you in to another world even if for a few minutes. In the other world you can smack that annoying bitch you hate or get praised for being the best at whatever you want. Like for me, I daydream about what my kids will look like and that one day they will say, "Mami, you're the best!" (Hey, I know I don't have kids yet and my dogs don't talk, but I can dream!)

Oh yea, and I don't always have sappy daydreams. My most common daydream about smacking the spit out of people who annoy me. Who doesn't think about doing that?

Until next time....Have a lovely day! Enjoy your daydreams!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I have decided to make my blog private until further notice. I would really like to pour my emotions and thoughts into this blog because I plan to take this seriously. Therefore, I'd like to only allow to those closest to me to read my blog. Once I gain more confidence in my writing skills and feel the need to open my blog up, I will do so and make it public.

On another note, I purchased a few helpful writing books this weekend and I am so excited that my class starts this Wednesday. If I take this course and gain more strength in my writing, I hope to move forward with my writing goals.

One of the books I purchased is a 366 writing topics book that will allow me to bulldoze through writers block if I encounter it. I will have lessons for my class, but on this blog I would like to use the topics to further expand daily/weekly topics. I think this will hopefully open the window to a passionate topic.

Thanks for reading and I hope to entertain you. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and give me as much feedback as possible. I appreciate all the help I can get!

Love Clari

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Venture/Goal/Chapter in my Life

Well it has been a while since I've written a blog entry but I am really really going to start writing in here often from now on! I want to sharpen my writing skills and keeping an active blog will really help me.

I am excited to say that I have enrolled in an Online Class for writing and I look forward to my new lessons and advancing my skills. My hubby and close friends tell me that I have great writing potential and while I think they tell me that because they love me and they should say lovely things to me! (It is an unwritten rule right?) On a serious note, I am going to take their advice and really work on my so-called writing talent. (Can you sense my strong confidence?) I really hope I find my knack for writing and go far with it. I love to read and my short term goal is to sharpen my creative writing skills and learn a little more about myself.

For instance, I'd like to be able to answer the following questions about myself once I'm done with this writing course:

  • Which topic am I most passionate writing about?
  • Can I really see myself writing a form of literature? Which form?
  • Which genre best suits me?
  • Fiction? Non-Fiction? Memoir? Children's book?
  • Which demographic would I like to reach/target with my writing?
  • What kind of writing do I truly excel at?
Hopefully, I will be able to answer the majority of the questions above and move forward with my little dream of actually being a good writer/author. And Yes, I said "Good," because let's face it, I am a realist and I don't expect to become one of the best authors of our time and get featured on New York Times Bestsellers list and have my Grandkids' Grandkids read about me in some textbook or syllabus. I would just like to have something published and have a few people like it or critique it so I can then learn from it all. I am not perfect, but if I am passionate about something artistic like writing, then I plan on giving it my all and being proud of my work. It's about me and what makes me happy at the end of the day. That's the sole purpose of this New Venture/Goal/Chapter in my Life.

Good Night! Hope you have a lovely week. :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slackerifically LATE

Hi Everyone!

So It's been months since my last post and I have no excuse other than I was being a slacker. I didn't get really busy right before the wedding but after the wedding things have been great and I have no excuse as to why I didn't sit down and blog a bit.

A few updates for all my loyal readers (all 2 or 3 of you!)...

My dad has lost 90lbs since his gastric bypass surgery in March. He is sticking to his diet and has more energy. My parents and brother went on a cruise last month and my dad was able to enjoy more events and I am thrilled the surgery has helped him.

My wedding was a success. Everyone keeps telling me they had a blast and that it was put together well. Boy was I relieved that everything feel into place. Every bride hopes for the best but I am so thankful it all went well. It did rain on my wedding day, but honestly that didn't even bother me because I really enjoyed my day and I cried lots of joyful tears.

My Honeymoon wasn't as successful. Was it romantic? Yes. Was it beautiful? Yes. Was the hotel/resort great? Heck NO! It's a new hotel and I have learned my lesson with going to a new hotel....Never GO to a NEW Hotel. This place was months old and the management and service of the place was a mess. I won't bore you with every single detail but I'll point out some low-lights b/c highlights were rare.
  1. The AC in our 1st room blew warm air. We complained and were told that's just the way Dominican AC is.
  2. After several maintenance men examined our heater-AC, our butler switched us to a cooler room that blew 70/75 degree semi-cool air. I guess this was an improvement seeing as the swamp ass room we were in before was a slimy & humid 80 degrees (with AC).
  3. Certain parts of the hotel smelled like rotten mold.
  4. I ask for room service and it never came. When I called them, they said they brought our food to a different room and we didn't answer. (Well no sh*t!)
  5. The served the same food everyday. Never anything new and every restaurant is outside so you have the privilege of dining with hungry flies while you sweat your butt off.
  6. Most of the people at the hotel were newlyweds but that didn't stop the waiters/servers/janitors/bartenders...etc from snapping his neck to check out every female in front of their new husband. Needless to say Nathaniel looked like he was gonna blow a gasket a few times.

The highlight from the hotels occurred when we were off the resort. We went zip lining and had a blast as we zipped from high poles through a jungle in the middle of mountains. This guy on the tour with us said to us: "Oh you're from New Jersey...Everyone there says JOIZEE." We said, no not really, that's just a myth. He then told us we must not really be from the part he's talking about. Hmmm ok?

We also went on speed boats, cave diving and on dune buggies. It was a blast and we had so much fun being adventurous. The hotel had it's glitches but being at my hubbies side made everything great.

My job as a Nanny is Great! I really love the twins I care for and the family I work for is just amazing. They are down to earth, good hearted people that really appreciate my work. I try my best everyday to make sure the children are having the most peaceful and loving environment and the parents take notice. The children have been developing so nicely and I am proud to be a part of their advancement. I am blessed to have such a wonderful job.


I vowed to write more in this blog and I will def keep it b/c I really enjoy it and it helps to reflect.

Until my next post...take it easy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Juggling Life

It has been a while since I wrote in my blog and there are many reasons why. I shall entertain or bore you with the numerous reasons. I've been juggling life and at times when you're juggling things one of them will fall and smack you right in the face! That thing for me was the wedding stress! Oh Lord, at one point I wanted to just cancel the wedding and elope because the pressure was too much for me. Worrying was my state of mind. I worried about everything and felt like it wouldn't go away.

Finally, Nat and I sat down and made a list of everything we needed to do and slowly but surely things are finally getting all checked off and I am so relieved! I still have a medium sized to-do list but it's better than having a mile long list. After some much needed stress relievers like not doing anything wedding related for a few days and visiting my best friend/maid of honor in PA...I feel so much better. I am now once again looking forward to the big day because I am peaceful about it.

Yesssss...I'm back to being at peace about the wedding. I just want to marry the man I love and forget about all the lil bits of BS that really don't matter! Oh yea and I've lost about 15 lbs so far and I am so happy. I cannot wait to lose some more.

In other news...This was me about 2 weeks ago:

Yup that was me jumping for joy. (Well, it's a dramatization shot of me.)
And yea, this was Nat and I also jumping for joy. (Again, a dramatization of us)

And that's me again the next morning. (Those doubles look nothing like me!)

And a Cartoon drawing of me. (Drawn to scale.)

I posted all the above pictures to simply illustrate that
You are looking at newly hired woman! When I quit my job, I stated that my next job would be working with children and I am elated to report that I will be working with children as a Nanny.
Lol...I just had to throw that up there! I used to watch the show and think it was funny. Who would've known I'd become a nanny!

I'll be caring for the cutest set of twins, 1 girl, 1 boy! They are so cute and the family is really nice and down to earth. I am very excited about my new job.
Well until next time...take care!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Consistently Random Blog

Well, hello there! To my few blog readers, I appreciate the time you take to read my blog and the lil kudos I get here and there! I'll try to keep you entertained.

So as always, I'll update my blog with the ish going on in my life.

Update on my dad. Well after my last blog entry, we had a roller coaster ride of emotions due to his health. He looked well and was getting better, however somehow he developed a blood infection. This freaked me out and made me extremely nervous. I never showed it but inside I became very sad about it. Thankfully the doctors reacted quickly and he was given the "OK" to go home. He went home this past Tuesday and feels so much better being home without an IV or monitors beeping every friggen hour. He was weighed yesterday and has lost 23 lbs. so far! 1 week after his Gastric Bypass and he is down 20+ is amazing. I am rooting for him and each day I pray he gets healthier and happier with his weight loss.

In regards to my weight loss. I have only lost 2 pounds and it is making me frustrated. I wish I would lose more but my trainer told me it's a slow process. I just get impatient and want to yank my hair! I get so annoyed so quickly. I jog on the treadmill for 30 mins 4 times a week and I see my trainer 2 times a week for an hour. I figured by now I would have dropped more. I stick to his diet like glue. I don't eat any thing outside of his regime and thought that I would have dropped more than 2 lbs. by now. I am praying I lose more!

My hubby to be was given a PS90x DVD which is a workout video. He did it once and says he's going to do it again. I highly doubt it. I love him but he isn't into the fitness thing. Men have it so easy sometimes, they just rent a tux and show up for the wedding! I have to go on a hardcore diet plan, grow my hair out, and jump through hoops and loops to get my wedding planning done. Sometimes I wish I had a penis instead of boobs. I just hate the double standard of the wedding customs. I have to look like a perfect doll, all prim, proper and pretty. The man just shows up in a penguin suit, gets plastered and that's it.

Job Update: So I've substituted a few times and the first day was the worst. The kids were running around, tattling, complaining, coughing, crying and having violent outbursts. I was calm but by the time I got home, I was drained! The next time I subbed was much better. I gained a better control of the class room and already knew what to expect with certain kids. I look forward to going back and I still want to teach. I didn't let the first crazy day push back my goal. I've been networking at the school and I hope I am impressing them.

I also applied to be a nanny and after an extensive background, drug, fingerprint and reference check I have 2 interviews with 2 families coming up. I am excited! I hope the families like me and think I'd be an excellent caretaker of their children. Wish me luck!

Whether a nanny job or teaching job snags me first, I know I will be happier working with children that I was working for the demon zombies of the corporate world.

I'll keep you posted! Anyway...I am off to a DVD date night with my good friends Jean & Jessica. We are going to watch Role Models. I hope it's funny.

Toodles..have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Dad...

So my dad had a BIG surgery on Thursday and he is currently still in the Hospital recovering. His surgery went well but he is a lil congested now and the doctors are worried he may develop an infection. I pray it all goes well and he can go home soon in Tip Top shape. I have been nerve wrecked with worry over my dad's health. You see, I am a Daddy's girl and I have a very strong bond with him. It's ironic that as you get older, you worry about your parents as if they were your children. The roles reverse and totally freak you out! I guess it's payback for all the stupid stuff we as children get in to and say!
I remember being a lil girl (around 5 or 6 years old) with my dad in the crowded busy Brooklyn supermarket. We passed the gormet cheese isle and I said "Daddy-it smells like your FEET!" He was embarrassed; he turned beet red! He He... Yea I was a bold lil kid!

I love my dad even though he blames all his gray hair on me! Lol!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Do...

So Unlike the cartoon above (which I believe is Patrick from Spongebob's To Do list) I start off each day with a ton of things to do. Most of the things that need to be done are either mundane tasks like calling a utility company or wedding related tasks.

Each day I have the following item on my TO DO:
I have been applying and applying and while I am looking for jobs all over the place; I haven't found one yet. I am aware we are in a deep recession and I keep praying that I will overcome the hurdles and find something but I get frustrated with all the job hunts I've done with no offers yet. I read all the articles of DO's and DON'Ts in this job market. I have created a new resume and wrote countless application essays, but nothing yet.

I am starting to wonder...
When I meet people, I can gauge if they like me and I feel like they do. I have to guess that there are so many candidates out there right now that I get lost in the shuffle. I have been tutoring and babysitting for money here and there but I need a 40 hour a week J-O-B!
I need a start time and end time and I need it ASAP. Thankfully, my fiance has been supportive and enthusiastic with my job search. He tells me that he knows I am trying to find something and he has faith that I will land something. Thank GOD I have him and my family as cheerleaders!

With out them, I think I'd go CRAZY and look like this bird:

Speaking of crazy...Yesterday, my mom and I were working on my wedding invites and my dad noticed that the printing company wrote:

Mrs. and Mrs. in front of my parents name. Now, you see the problem there is my parents are not a lesbian couple. If they were Gay, I'd love them the same-but they are a hetero couple married for over 27 years! When my dad caught the ERROR, I FLIPPED OUT!

I have yet to be a BrideZilla but when I saw that 150 invites were ruined I wanted to see the printing lady and give her a few CHOICE words! I was so incredibly angry, yet thankful that I hadn't mailed out my invites yet.

I cooled down, slept on it and I called the Printer today and he apologized for the error and stated he would buy 150 new stock invites and re-print them.

I am back to being a HAPPY BRIDE!
I just pray it stays that way! I don't want to stress over 1 day!

I just pray it stays that way! I don't want to stress over my wedding day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness is great!

I love the month of March! I love it for many reasons but mainly because it's the my Birthday month and Spring Starts!

My Birthday was last Friday, the 13th.

People are scared of Friday the 13th. But I love it! For me, it's good luck. I asked my fiance to make me birthday simple and not go crazy b/c I really don't want him to spend a lot. He told me to be ready by 7pm b/c he was taking me to a surprise location. I was so excited all day long. He came home early that day and gave me gifts early. He got me some pretty Vicky items and a cool coffee mug that featured my favorite funny lil characters: Hoops & Yoyo.
I loved his gifts! So thoughtful and sweet. At 7pm..I was all dressed up and he took me to an Italian Restaurant nearby. The food was amazing and the ambiance was intimate which made for a perfect evening planned by my hunny.

On Saturday, I went to visit family in Brooklyn. My aunt was getting the family together because my Dad is having a BIG surgery soon and she held a Prayer for him. After the Pastor blessed my family with a prayer, my family presented me with a yummy chocolate cake and I was very happy. They are so thoughtful and loving. I am so thankful and grateful for their love and positivity.

Besides my family cutting a cake for me, my soon to be In-Laws whom I adore, took me to dinner last night and also cut me a chocolate cake. I have heard of so many stories of new brides hating their In-laws but I honestly love mine. I admit, at first my future sister in law were distant, however things have become much better and I feel a better bond between us. My future Mom in law is the best. We have a wonderful relationship and I call her my 2nd Mom. I feel very comfortable talking to her because she is loving and kind.

Overall with all of my birthday celebrations and my lovely family around me for my Birthday...I felt like Royalty!

As I was looking for a birthday picture, I bumped in to the following pic and I loved it! Haha...

Since my last few Blogs, I have joined Twitter.com and I like it. I linked it to facebook and now I can post something on Twitter and it automatically gets posted on facebook. The simplicity behind Twitter is genius. It simple asks you what you are doing and you state it. You get to see what everyone is doing while making new friends.

On another note, I have a trainer now and I have been sticking to his routine. I pray it pays off and I look stunning for my wedding. My only goal is to make my Fiance get misty eyed as I walk down the aisle. I really would love it if he thinks I look absolutely beautiful!

So I'm off...Have a Great Evening!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updates Galore!

Wow...well it's been a while since I wrote a real blog. So here's a NEW REAL bloggerific blog...

Job Quest:
I am still looking for a job. I've applied to many different education and early childhood related careers and I hope I land something soon! Wish me luck!

My dad just turned 47 and I had a little surprise dinner for him at my home. I invited my family from Brooklyn and my Dad had a nice time! It was the last full meal he could have before his Gastric Bypass surgery coming up this Monday. He has been on a liquid diet since Monday and while he is struggling with it, he is definitely sticking with it. I am praying that all goes well and his surgery has no complications.

Nat and finished our invite list and it was so hard but I am so happy it's over with. When inviting people you have to examine relationships and it's pretty difficult to do that with friends and family! Tomorrow will be 3 months before my wedding and I am slowly starting to panick! YIKES!

So I hired a trainer because getting fit is a hard thing to do just using a book as a guide. I needed face to face interaction and I have that now! My trainer is local and has been a trainer for almost 20 some what years and I like him. He's not mean, but he is serious and I like his style. I am so sore today from yesterday's workout. I am limping around the house and I pray that tomorrow I won't be so sore!

Those are most of the current updates...

Until next time....Have a nice night!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's been a minute...

This entry will be short. I in the midst of getting my home ready for a Surprise Birthday Celebration for my dad. He is turning 47 on Tuesday and I am making him a nice little Puerto Rican Dinner and baking him a cake. I cannot wait for him to see the surprise!

Anyway, when I tune back in I'll update the blog on my Job Quest, family (health) life, wedding plans thus far and my Bday coming this week!

Toodles....Take care and have a great day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How my day went...

I woke up...

Made Nat some breakfast. I worked out. Did some job hunting. Went on a Bootleg job interview in Bloomfield. Then I came home. Checked the Mail and LOW and BEHOLD...

My Teaching Certificate of Eligibility came in!

Now I can hopefully land a job in the Education world. The CE allows me to get at least my pinky toe in the door. I waited so many months for this and finally it has arrived. I know I am not a teacher yet, but it a BIG step towards my goal!

I am so relieved that I finally have the CE! Now the real challenge is getting a teachers position. I have applied for a few mentoring positions to gain more skills with children and teens. I hope I acquire a mentoring position because I would love to help a youth and get involved in my community. It would also help me transition some skills in to a teaching role. I really cannot wait to learn more! I want to sink my teeth in to a syllabus or a fresh new class. I miss school and becoming a teacher allows me to get back in to the academic world and I am fervent about all of it! Yes, I am a mega geek and I am proud of it.

I am finally moving towards my dream. I may be a late dream bloomer b/c I had originally thought a dream job was just a J-O-B. I graduated college and just wanted to get in to any job with benefits and a cubicle. Then I realized there is so much more to just having a J-O-B in a grayish/blue cubicle and having a company ID strapped to your hip.

You must have passion for what you do or you will hit the ultimate platue and absolutely hate your job. Been there, done that. I am so over it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On my Grind...

So I am officially unemployed but that doesn't mean I am just chillin' at home. I am definitely working hard to find another position. I am going to be thorough and very careful this time with what organization I choose to work for. I also want to work in education and I looking for a position in that field. I have been preparing for the last 8 months for a job in the education field. I have passed my Praxis 2 and submitted all of my documents for a certificate of eligibility (CE). The CE take forever and a day to get! I submitted it on October 18, 2008. Today is February 24, 2009 and it is still being processed. Oh believe me, I have called them several times to check the status and they keep telling me it should be issued soon. (sigh)

Patience is a virtue and boy oh boy I wish I wasn't born with the gene of Impatience!

The minute I get my CE, I will hopefully have a few more doors open up for me. So I've been thinking once I get my CE and I apply for a teaching spot at an Elementary School and I am teaching...will I love it? Will I hate it? Will I think that the kids are uncontrollable and they are worse than I imagined? I pray that it isn't like this:
I know children are wonderful and I love to be around them but they are all different and have so many things going on in their world. I just pray I can really help them and do my best to guide them in the right direction. I know it won't be easy, but I am up for the challenge.

I truly look forward to this being my OFFICE SPACE:
Hopefully, once I get in the swing of lesson plans, curriculum, grading, and all of the various teaching methods I will love my job and feel like I am really making a difference!
Once I get past the learning curve of teaching I pray I look like this:

Well...you know what I mean! I pray to just be happy where ever the journey takes me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Se.ren.i.ty [suh-ren-i-tee] : noun

  • The state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

  • The quality or state of being serene; clearness and calmness; quietness; stillness; peace.

  • A disposition free from stress or emotion.

  • The absence of mental stress or anxiety.

  • Calmness of mind; evenness of temper; undisturbed state; coolness; composure.
All of the words above describe my current state of mind. I have 3 more days left of work and while I do not have another job lined up yet, I feel a great sense of relief and tranquility. Yesterday I opened up my calendar and wrote down all the family gatherings I can and will attend because

a) I don't have to work on a weekend &
b) I have the energy to travel to visit and spend quality time with my loved ones.

Simple things like attending my cousins birthday party or visiting an old friend have been put on the back burner of my life because I was so consumed with my job and trying to get ahead. Well now I can grab a hold of my life and do the things I want to do. While I will work again, I will not let the work-Work me down. I will not allow the work or the brainwash of the next job (because there is always some cool aid you must drink when you start) to get the best of me and my life! (Amen)

I know it sounds like I am preaching, but I do indeed feel like I am having an enlightenment. I feel like I am starting a new page, chapter and book in my life. I NEED Peace in my life and the next endeavor I take on must allow me to have a clean balance between my 8-5 tasks and those that go on after I leave the office.
The job I am leaving now leaked into my life and contaminated it! I would work, work, work and when I wasn't working, I was thinking of work and beating myself up about what I didn't do and what I have to do the minute I get in to the office. Now sure, being crazy about work makes you look good to your boss b/c Mr. Bossman thinks, "Wow, she's a GO-Getter, A real Maverick (haha..pun on Palin intended), An ASSet to the Company,"...and so forth and so on.

I pray that my next job is one that truly like and that allows me to excel but not drain myself in the process. My family means more than anything else in this world and I refuse to let anything hold me back from spending my quality time with them.

Now back to job hunt!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My decision...

Okay so in my last blog I stated I made one of the hardest decisions and I wasn't lying!

I decided to resign from my job. This was a very hard decision because of the current economy but I have strong faith in God that I will land another position that will allow me to be happier.

I had been miserable at my job for about a year now and I got to the point where I knew I had to leave but felt trapped because of bills, a mortgage, car payments, student loans...etc. I bought a home with my Fiance in March 2008 and since then I tried my hardest to make the best of my current work situation so I wouldn't leave him with all of the bills. I am a perseverant person but I am also human and could only take so much at my job.

My job caused me to become so stressed and I did not like the person I was during my work week. I would come home, cry, skip dinner, and just feel like crap. My fiance noticed my sad demeanor and helped me the best way he could and that meant he gave me supportive, unconditional love. God I love that man! He kept me going and for that I truly appreciate him. He supports my decision and he believes I will find something. I will probably take a pay cut but if that means that I am back to being happy Clarissa, then it's worth it.

After being fed up yet again after talking to my boss I took my break. I called my fiance crying my eyes out (yet again) and after all the tears flowed I knew it would be the last time this job made me cry again! I shouldn't be this stressed and my fiance agreed with my decision. I drove to a church near by and prayed. I know that God won't let me drown and I have faith that I will overcome this hurdle!

I went back to work and confidently handed in my resignation letter.

I made decent money at my current job, but if I deducted every tear, stressful moment, anxiety attack, frustrated moment and every bit of BS I endured then I would say that I made below minimum wage. I understand the more you get paid the more stress and responsibility you will take on, however I value my personal life and loved ones dearly and my job wanted to work 'round the clock. Working endlessly did not allow me to do the things I love and that made me miserable. The managers would frown down on anyone calling out for illness, family emergencies and any other life-related situation. They mandated 12 hour work days with no extra pay (yes that is illegal) and they sincerely didn't care if they worked you to the bone.

After 2 years of dealing with all of the nonsense, I put my 2 weeks in on Friday February 6, 2009 and my Last day is February 20, 2009. Leaving is going to be bitter sweet because I will miss all of my friends at work. I did make some great relationships with my co-workers and I will definitely keep in touch with them because they were great!

Everyone at work has been so supportive too. I expected everyone to say: "Are you crazy? Leaving a job now?" Instead a few told me they too were leaving soon because of the unfair work conditions and other told me they were proud of me for being strong enough to move on. Many were happy for me because they know how bad our working situation is and if one of us breaks out..then it gives hope to someone else who is thinking of leaving. Crazy how what I just wrote sounded like I was leaving Jail!

Since my resignation I have put my resume out like crazy and I have an interview on Monday already! Wish me luck!

I have faith things will fall in to place! I love my life and peace of mind is worth so much to me.

I know I made the right decision!

These are some quotes that have helped me thus far with my decision:

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."

"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home." ~Betty Bender.

"I’ve learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as making a "life". ~Maya Angelo.

"Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free.”

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”