Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Venture/Goal/Chapter in my Life

Well it has been a while since I've written a blog entry but I am really really going to start writing in here often from now on! I want to sharpen my writing skills and keeping an active blog will really help me.

I am excited to say that I have enrolled in an Online Class for writing and I look forward to my new lessons and advancing my skills. My hubby and close friends tell me that I have great writing potential and while I think they tell me that because they love me and they should say lovely things to me! (It is an unwritten rule right?) On a serious note, I am going to take their advice and really work on my so-called writing talent. (Can you sense my strong confidence?) I really hope I find my knack for writing and go far with it. I love to read and my short term goal is to sharpen my creative writing skills and learn a little more about myself.

For instance, I'd like to be able to answer the following questions about myself once I'm done with this writing course:

  • Which topic am I most passionate writing about?
  • Can I really see myself writing a form of literature? Which form?
  • Which genre best suits me?
  • Fiction? Non-Fiction? Memoir? Children's book?
  • Which demographic would I like to reach/target with my writing?
  • What kind of writing do I truly excel at?
Hopefully, I will be able to answer the majority of the questions above and move forward with my little dream of actually being a good writer/author. And Yes, I said "Good," because let's face it, I am a realist and I don't expect to become one of the best authors of our time and get featured on New York Times Bestsellers list and have my Grandkids' Grandkids read about me in some textbook or syllabus. I would just like to have something published and have a few people like it or critique it so I can then learn from it all. I am not perfect, but if I am passionate about something artistic like writing, then I plan on giving it my all and being proud of my work. It's about me and what makes me happy at the end of the day. That's the sole purpose of this New Venture/Goal/Chapter in my Life.

Good Night! Hope you have a lovely week. :D

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