Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"The Daily Writer" topic today is: Dreams within dreams. Since I don't have time to write a story about hidden dreams, I will just chatter about what comes to my mind when I think of dreams.


As a Pisces woman, I am a natural dreamer. I have very vivid dreams and some seem so incredibly real I cannot shake them. I frequently daydream and when in a deep daydream, I get lost in thought and have many inner monologue chats with myself reflecting about the dream.

Usually, after waking from a crazy yet incredible dream that I eventually rehash all day long, I tell myself, "I must write down all dreams in a journal!" I envision the cool new journal I'll get and fill with amazing dreams in which I go back to every few months and discover a pattern or some alluring trend which reveals something deep about my soul. However, after making that 2 second commitment to myself, I forget all about it and go back to my mundane habit of checking my texts or Facebook for new notifications. And so with one single beep from my iPhone or tiny red box pop up, my goal to go soul searching within my dreams for self discovery or a life changing idea has gone "Poof."

Well I'll probably never get the shiny baby blue journal and write down each divine detail that I felt and saw in my dreams because besides being a dreamer, I am also a realist. Yea, I know it's hard to be both because I can dream a magical, wonderful, surreal dream then I realize that it was all BS and there is no way on earth that dream will come true (ya know, the dream where you can fly, or for me it's when I can become a vampire) and I need to just wake up from the silliness.

The Reality is I'll have a super mind blowing dream, then get startled by my blaring alarm clock in which I smack down to activate the lovely tease, I mean snooze button. I oversleep; realize that I must rush to work now and pray that I'll have time to induce some java before I arrive. By the time I dash in to work, coffee in hand, my dream is either a blink of the past or a future deja vu, but I doubt that life altering dream will ever lay on several pages of a cherished journal.

I still love to have those amazing dreams and the daydreams. It makes the time fly by and can completely morph you in to another world even if for a few minutes. In the other world you can smack that annoying bitch you hate or get praised for being the best at whatever you want. Like for me, I daydream about what my kids will look like and that one day they will say, "Mami, you're the best!" (Hey, I know I don't have kids yet and my dogs don't talk, but I can dream!)

Oh yea, and I don't always have sappy daydreams. My most common daydream about smacking the spit out of people who annoy me. Who doesn't think about doing that?

Until next time....Have a lovely day! Enjoy your daydreams!

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