Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Juggling Life

It has been a while since I wrote in my blog and there are many reasons why. I shall entertain or bore you with the numerous reasons. I've been juggling life and at times when you're juggling things one of them will fall and smack you right in the face! That thing for me was the wedding stress! Oh Lord, at one point I wanted to just cancel the wedding and elope because the pressure was too much for me. Worrying was my state of mind. I worried about everything and felt like it wouldn't go away.

Finally, Nat and I sat down and made a list of everything we needed to do and slowly but surely things are finally getting all checked off and I am so relieved! I still have a medium sized to-do list but it's better than having a mile long list. After some much needed stress relievers like not doing anything wedding related for a few days and visiting my best friend/maid of honor in PA...I feel so much better. I am now once again looking forward to the big day because I am peaceful about it.

Yesssss...I'm back to being at peace about the wedding. I just want to marry the man I love and forget about all the lil bits of BS that really don't matter! Oh yea and I've lost about 15 lbs so far and I am so happy. I cannot wait to lose some more.

In other news...This was me about 2 weeks ago:

Yup that was me jumping for joy. (Well, it's a dramatization shot of me.)
And yea, this was Nat and I also jumping for joy. (Again, a dramatization of us)

And that's me again the next morning. (Those doubles look nothing like me!)

And a Cartoon drawing of me. (Drawn to scale.)

I posted all the above pictures to simply illustrate that
You are looking at newly hired woman! When I quit my job, I stated that my next job would be working with children and I am elated to report that I will be working with children as a Nanny.
Lol...I just had to throw that up there! I used to watch the show and think it was funny. Who would've known I'd become a nanny!

I'll be caring for the cutest set of twins, 1 girl, 1 boy! They are so cute and the family is really nice and down to earth. I am very excited about my new job.
Well until next time...take care!

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