Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Corporate Zombie

Well I got in to work this morning and one of the new "cool" managers came over to say hi and we made small talk about the weekend. When I say "cool" I mean that he has yet to fully drink the corportate koolaid and turn. He moved from another state and I guess that makes him stick out in a positive way. So anyway, he realized that I removed all my personal items from my desk and was concerned. I told him that THEY told me to not do anything personal at work and THEY suggested I not take any lunch amongst other really crappy things. The cool manager said that he now understands why I removed all my personal things. He was scared that I had foot in the door and one out. I told him I've had that foot out the door a long time ago. I mean seriously I have maybe a pinky toe in the door keeping me here. This place just sucks the life out of you and I don't plan on sticking around to become a corporate zombie.

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