Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fitness...Retro style

My Fiance is the very best! I was moaning and groaning to him about my lack of weight loss even though I have been eating much healthier, counting calories and doing cardio several times a week and he looked in to a personal trainer at Retro Fitness. He wants me to work out the correct way and not just starve myself as he says I do. I totally do no but since I eat proper portions, he thinks I have been starving myself.

We took a tour today of the Retro Fitness gym and we were both impressed with it's modern approach to fitness. There are flat screen TVs attached to every machine, which was pretty neat and there was a movie theater room with cardio machines. The theatre is huge and features a different 80's movie each day. I am so excited to go there. I meet with a trainer and he was very helpful and we are going to meet on Monday to go over my goals. I am nervous because I know I am so out of shape but I am also excited because I want to feel good about certain areas again. Plus I want to look beautiful in my wedding dress. My fiance assures me that I am beautiful no matter what which is why I love him so much but I want to feel beautiful!

Wish me luck!

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