Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not her again!

In my last blog I was so excited about going to my new gym: RetroFitness. Well I am sad to say that those plans have changed. I received an annoying phone call from my Fiance yesterday that forced me to cancel my membership with the gym. You see, I wasn't annoyed that he called me and it wasn't his fault as to why I had to cancel either. The reason behind the cancellation is due to the fact that we have/had a stalker. Yes, I kid you not. I know you are wondering for real? Well if you read this and you personally know me then you know the whole story.


If you don't know me then I'll fill you in. We dealt with a really bad situation in the past where a female (who shall be nameless) from my Fiances past decided that it would be okay to find herself where ever we went and eventually moved in next door to us. Yes, as in literally the very next door to our home. She harassed us for quite some time and it became an ugly issue.

You may say to yourself: Was she Crazy? Loca? Looney? Mentally deranged? Demented? Insane? Senseless? Impractical? Totally unsound? Infatuated?


Well, I've come to find out that this stalker goes to RetroFitness and therefore I cannot go there due to the fact that she may

  • Follow me home or

  • Vandalize my car or

  • Stalk my Fiance or

  • Move in next door to our new home or

  • Do something nutty period.

With all the risks involved with having her near me in anyway, I decided to find another gym and trainer. I am a little bummed out because I was so excited to workout with a trainer in a new gym, but I am glad I found out about the stalker issue before I started to attend and then have her realize I attend the same gym. I hope I can find a new gym that is affordable, although I doubt I'll find something as good as RetroFitness b/c they only charge $20/month and that's a steal compared to other places.

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