Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My First Blog...

I can't even type much because I have to run off to my GOD Awful J-O-B. I am excited to start a blog because I want to document my day to day life experiences and I want to write more. One of my NEW YEARS goals was to write more and gain a knack for creative writing. I was really in to it years ago then I lost my confidence and that was the end of that. Funny how confidence can make you so crappy.

I have other goals I want to accomplish this year. I NEED to lose weight for myself and oh yea this sorta BIG thing coming up...MY WEDDING! Holy Cow! I can't believe I am getting married. At one point in my life I swore off the word marriage but as I always say: everything happens for a reason! So here I am, I am 26 years old and I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful man who I simply adore and who loves me back. There isn't a day that passes that I don't thank GOD for blessing me with the love that surrounds me including Nathaniel's Love. (THANK YOU LORD!)

So as I stated earlier, I have to rush off to the gray cubicle they have me sit at for 9 hours of the day called my desk and do some mindless things called work. And yes I am thankful that during these hard times I have a job, but I hated my job way before the recession so I will continue to hate it until I find something that better suits me.

Anyway, I pray I have a good day and when I get back home maybe I'll have something funny or interesting to place in my shiny new blog.

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